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The Great Indian Rupee(₹)

The News of the hour is that Reserve bank of India and the Ministry of Finance are reportedly considering watermark figures of Rabindranath Tagore and APJ Abdul Kalam on a new series of bank notes of some denominations,thats really great !! Finally we are appreciating our other heroes.Was there were Gandhiji from the the day independent india issued Currency Notes?lets see the remarkable Journey of Indian Currency:-

  • Government of India issued 1 rupee note in 1949.

  • 10 rupee notes were introduced by inclusion of Ashok pillar.

  • In 1950 rupees 2,5,10 were introduced with variations in colour.

  • In 1953 Hindi was displayed prominently.High Denominations Notes (1000,5000,10000) were introduced in 1954.

  • Gandhi first featured on Indian currency notes in 1969 when a design series in honour of the 100th birth celebrations of the leader was issued.

  • Cost benefit considerations prompted the bank to introduce rupees 20 denomiantions notes in 1972 and 50 in 1975.

  • High denomination notes were demonetized in 1978.

  • The 1980s saw a completely new set of notes issued.The emphasis lay on symbols of science and technology,konark wheel,peacock and Shalimar garden.

  • Rs 500 introduced in 1987.

  • “Mahatma Gandhi Series” was introduced in 1996.

  • The new 1000 also introduced on October 2000 & 500 was introduced in changed colour.

  • In 2011 () symbol was introduced.

  • In 2015 1 was re-introduced by the government of India.

  • In Nov 2016 500 and 1000 Demonetised again.

Now as we came across the journey of Indian Currency,we look at present currency look in detail:

Denomination Motif** Colour

10 Konark Sun temple Orange violet.

20 Ellora Caves Green-yellow.

50 Depict of Hampi with chariot Fluroscent blue.

100 Sanchi stupa blue green

500 Red fort Stone grey coloured.

2000 Mangalyan and tag line for Swachh Bharat Magenta.

**Motif= a picture or pattern on something.

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