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SAVESOIL-An movement to Mankind's Survival.

Let’s start with a fact that did u know that half of the agricultural land is already degraded and in next 50-60 years of time we will run out of cultivable Soil? We in today world tend to just focus on our need leaving everything behind but few of us look for our mankind future and one of such Personallity is Sadhguru.He is out on his motorbike to raise an awareness campaign and save the lets join hands with him but before that lets clear our facts about soil.

How Preservation of Soil will impact our lives?

Soil regulates the movement of water and prevents floods by controlling whether rainfall,Snowfall and irrigation water will flow over land or through it.

Healthy soil contains high bio-diversity,which helps fight-off pests and allows fresh nutritious plants to grow.

A variety of medicines have been made from organisms that live in soil,such as Penicillin.

Soil provides Physical stability for plants by allowing the roots to anchor to something.This in turn helps create oxygen and clean water for all life on Earth.

Soil plays a very important role in mitigating climate change.It is the second largest Carbon sink after the ocean,constantly storing and releasing Carbon,which regulates Atmospheric CO2 concentrations and ultimately the greenhouse effect.

Aim of save soil movement?

The primary aim of the movement is to Urge governments to ensure that agricultural lands contain a minimum of 3-6% organic content; without this all agricultural soil will rapidly degenerate and turn in to sand in which no food crops can grow,threatening global food and water security.

To achieve the aim we need to ?

1) Forest Protection- The natural forest cover in many areas has been decreased due to commercial of the purposes this cover provided was the protection of soil.Businesses involved in building constructions can conserve by ensuring these areas are protected.

2) Fewer Concrete surfaces- The soil requires an adequate amount of water in order to function properly. Lots of concrete surfaces,especially in residential areas,make it difficult for water to get to the soil.

3) Windbreaks- Wind breaks are composed of shrubs,plants and trees.They work in combination and serve a conservation purpose.These will work together to slow the force of wind over ground areas.This is a method that can also work to prevent erosion of soil.

4) Plant trees to secure topsoil- Simply planting trees is a good conservation method as it secures topsoil and erosion is prevented.

On this World Environment day (5th June) lets Join hands together to save soil.

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