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RBI Annual Survey 2021-22

1-Its a report released by Its central Board of Directors.

2-covers workings of RBI for 2021-22.

Its main points are-

1- Structural reforms are needed and workers needed to be reskilled with technology to attain more productivity.

2-The term used is "Supply side bottleneck"- Focus on Supply.

3- Increase capital expenditure as taken by Government in budget as these will Bring in private investment

4- Momentum which picked growth is getting slow due to geopolitical tensions and Inflation all over the world.

5- If we talk about Inflation these product price have majorly increased

Crude oil .



Edible oil.

6- Most Concerning News is that Inflation is uncertain.cant guess🙄?

The measures taken by government will provide some relief but these measures need to be continiously taken.

a-Reduction in LPG price through subsidy.

b- Reducing Road Infra cess.

c- Reduction in Excise duty in Petrol and diesel.

d- Allocating funds for National Infra mission and National Pipelo

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