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Politics of Family Business in Sri Lanka

Updated: Jan 11

Dynasty rule has always been a point of discussion for the world. This can be compared to nepotism.

There is a saying that if 100% people have chance to take advantage with evil motive, then 99.99% will take advantage. This fact applies especially to politicians.They tend to take advantage in each and everything , but what if all the powerful positions in the country is held by your family then it is a common to know that whatever you will like you would do that and who cares. Would you not treat it as family business? That's what happened in Sri Lanka. One family holding 9 cabinet positions, seven cabinet posts and about 75% of total budget. The Name of the family is Rajapaksa family.

Let’s see:-

1- Gotabaya Rajapaksa- President of Sri Lanka.

2- Mahinda Rajapaksa- Prime minister of Sri Lanka & also former President.

These are the two pillars of their family and two brothers and their sons, nephew and niece hold many powerful positions like Irrigation ministry, secretary to Prime Minister, Agriculture ministry etc.

Their total family used to be in Politics since the day Sri Lanka got independence.

In 2019, when the new government came in to force, they passed three laws:-

1- There will be no legal proceedings against the President.

2- The President can decide and appoint the ministers including the Prime minister.

3- The President can dissolve Parliament at any time after 1 year from the General Elections.

These laws were totally biased and led a foundation stone of destruction of Sri Lanka.

After this the Protests erupted and got violent. As a result,the Prime Minister and the entire cabinet resigned.

Hope this blog helps shed some light on this topic.

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