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There’s a quote that only 1% make the difference and they also stand out from the crowd whether in school,college,professional exams,real life,society or in a country.They live between us and also they are like us but then whats make them stand out from the normal?Lets see in the new series.We will highlight upon the achievements and discuss upon the Personallity.

Nandan Nilkeani.

Graduated from IIT Bombay in Electrical Engineering.

Started his Career from Patni Computers where he was interviewed by Narayana Murthy.

Then few Years he along with narayana Murthy and 5 others left Patni Computers and Founded an Tech giant company Infosys..

Nandan Nillekani become CEO Of Infosys at early 2000 and till 2007 he took the company to a next level at 3billion $.

He was awarded Padma Bhusan by President APJ Abdul Kalam for his excellent achievements in

the field of Technology.

So whats to be proud of ? He has capability to deliver and he has delivered for himself and his company .Yes its quite motivating but now its Time for Using his Capabilty for India-

In 2009 Prime minister offered him HRD ministry but he does not have an interest,but offered him to lead the biggest Project of Government of India “The UIDAI”.he was the Chairman of UIDAI.

In 2014 he contested the elections from Congress,he lost but when PM Modi came to power and he wanted meet PM and within 24 hrs the meeting was fixed and why not? He is Nandan Nilekani, and then after his Brain Produced many ideas and it transformed Indias Position




Digital India.

He can be lovingly called ”The God father of Digital India”.

Thats not the end ,he is still working on many projects with government of India.

ONDC is one of such bigger projects.

We are realy overwhelmed by his contribution to Our Country.

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