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Change of World Order

Updated: Jan 11

The issue we are going to deal is that past few months or so we have witnessed a change in world order and change in stability and change of a peaceful world, countries have witnessed challenges in the form of War, Economic Crisis, Food Crisis, Political Crisis,

Communal Clashes and Instability in Borders across the nation.

Let us take the Example of Our Neighbouring countries, we have witnessed a political crisis in Pakistan and Afganistan recently, a Food and Economic Emergency like situation in Srilanka, Rise of communal clashes in India etc.

After a Devastating Pandemic the world was recovering at a steady Pace and the incidents have Caused more Instability. The fear among the people and leaders of Respected Countries have made few options left for to survive .Either be strong and choose a side to contribute or be ready to be invaded or sanctioned by powerful ones.

Where does our beloved India stand?

Is it okay to stand by Russia as a friend irrespective of anything and challenge the West or make the west happy and enjoy Freedom irrespective of fact that west is not going to come for a friendship hand if a war erupts against China?

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