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Amazing International Borders.

International borders are boundaries for dividing two countries.They can called as “Line of Independence”. Some International borders are so amazing that You will be shocked to Know while some borders are dangerous too. Lets see Some interesting facts about borders:-

1) Belgium and Neatherlands :-

This is an amazing border line which divides one of the town in two equal parts,the line is such that it is some were passed through a restaurant where if one side of hotel is closed due to closing time as per country’s law ,the citizens move to the next country,that is they move to the other side of the table,Sometimes when Concert is held then performer is in one country and Audience is in different country.Somewhere the border crosses between the house.The picture below signifies how two freinds are sitting on the chair and the border crosses between there table.

2) North Korea-South Korea Border:-

It is one of the dangerous borders of the World.It is also called Demillitarized Zone.In 1953 the Korean War Erupted where two countries agrred to make peace by dividing two countries by this Demillitirized zone.The amazing fact about this border is There is one table out of which one –half belongs to North korea, the other half belongs to South-korea.The leaders of both countries talk to each other and disputes are solved on this table.

4)USA and Russia:-

The one of the most Shocking fact of this world is that the distance between Russia and USA is only 4 km.Yes,Indeed it is!!

But the more shocking fact is that though they are 4kms away from each other but the difference in time is 21hrs because international date line runs through them.This is indeed the world’s most shocking fact. They are called as Tommorrow island and Yesterday island.


Every year,a festival is celebrated at this border.This festival is called “The Land of Art festival”.Do u think it will be celebrated at this border?I think no.There will be refugee crisis at 2022 in this border.

United States-Canada:-

The longest international border in the world stretching more than 5500 miles.


This is one of the most heated border of the world and one of the most beautiful border which is passed through Arabian sea,Thar desert as well as Himalayas.This is the one of the borders which is visible from Space.A ceremony is Conducted everyday which is called “The beating Retreat” Ceremony at 6pm.No Special Permit or ticket is needed.

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