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GOVERNNMENT OF INDIA Introduced a Scheme on 14th june 2022 after which massive protests have erupted in Bihar.Lets understand one by one and factually decide why Protesters are so angry with this scheme.

Whtat is an Agnipath Scheme?

AGNIPATH Scheme is scheme for recruiting soldiers across various services like Army,Navy and Air-force.

Under this scheme around 45000-50,000 soldeirs will be recruited annually for a period of 4years(6months training and 3.5 years of Deployment).

Who are Eligble for the scheme?

  • Initialy,Government has set the Age limit from 17.5-21 years but later it was increased to 23 years.

  • The scheme is applicable to personnel below officer ranks.

How will recruitment be done?

Twice year a year and will be done on “ALL India,All class”basis recruitment to the services.

Salary & benefits:-

  • Salary will be ₹30,000 initialy but will be increased upto ₹40,000 by the end of the four year service.

  • Under Seva Nidhi Program 30% of Salary during 4yaers will be kept aside during this 4years and government will also contribute the same every month and it will also accrue interest.At the end of four years,each soldier will get₹ 11.71lakh/annum(tax-free).

What will an Agniveer do after 4years?

Only 25% will be allowed to continue for another 15years (permanent commission) but if selected 4years will not considered for retirement benefits.

For the rest:-

As per Government:-

For thosing wishing to be entrepreneurs:- Priority in bank loan schemes.

For those who wish to study further:- Class 12 equivalent certificate and Bridging course(of choice) for further studies.

For those wishing to work;-

  • Will be given priority in CAPFS,Assam rifles and police and allied forces in several states.

  • Tangible skills and work experience in different areas including mechanics, engineering ,law and order.

  • Major companies and sectors have announced they will prefer hiring a skilled and disciplined Agniveer.


  1. Average age of armed forces is 32years now,it will definetly help to make it younger.

  2. Reduce the defense Pension Bill.As per Government, savings for the government from just One sepoy will be₹ 11.5 Crore.

  3. Apart from job opportunities in the army,recruits because of the skills ,discipline and experience acquired during the four year service such soldiers will get employment after their four year stint.

Concerns regarding the scheme:-

  • No guarantee of Jobs or promised pension and health benefits even after retirement.Thousands of Agniveer will return from work after four years trained to use weapons,there will be another type of problem related to internal security will emerge in the country as per a retired lieutenant general.

  • 6months of training for deployment may not be enough to trust them with the same kind of tasks that current troops can be trusted with.

Similar Schemes in another countries:-

**Tour of Duty- A soldiers tour of duty is a period of time when the soldier is involved in a particular duty or stationed in a particular place such as a war zone.

  • IN USA-6-9 Months or even 12months deployment depending upon the needs of the military and branch of service.

As per this Agnipath Scheme,the Tour of Duty in Indian Army will be 4years.

  • There is concept called as Conscription or compulsory enrollment for service in a service in an country’s armed forces.It might be enforced in times of War,crisis or National emergency.Some countries follow the practice of Conscription include Israel,Norway,North Korea and Sweden.

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