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A Scheme which may change India's Picture.

What is this scheme?

Jal Jeevan Mission Or Har Ghar Jal Scheme was Launched by Government of India in 2019.This scheme aims to provide safe and adequate drinking water to each and every household through tap connections by 2024.

The ministry have identified 1592 blocks,spread across 256 districts which are critical and overexploited.

Why Government of India have to Come up with this scheme?

The First Issue was that majority of India which resides in villages are eradicated of safe and adequate drinking water.So people staying in villages come across many diseases due to contaminated drinking water specialy children who by drinking dirty water catch typhoid,cholera and many childrens die in young age.

Womens of villages carry bucket and utensils on there head to bring water which is far away,As per Government having a tap connection on every household may avoid there pain of walking miles for water.

Funding of this Scheme:-

The fund sharing pattern between the centre and states is:

Himalayan and North-eastern states-90:10.

50:50 for other states and

100% for union territories.

Analysis of this scheme:-

  • As per the data available around 9.65 crore households(50.38%) have tap water connections across the nation as of 10/6/2022.

  • Goa,Telengana,Haryana have achieved 100% tap connectivity to all households in state.

  • Union territories llike Puducherry,Andaman and Nicobar Islands,Dadra and Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu have also provided 100% of their households with tap water connections.

  • As per Expectations , Bihar has performed much better with 92% households have tap connections and Uttar pradesh and Kerala have performed much less than expectation.

  • Though Bihar has performed excellent but Jharkhand has perfomed worst just 22% have access to tap connection and adequate and safe drinking water.

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